Top 55+ Lit Instagram Captions (2019)

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Lit Instagram Captions 

Lit is one of the most popular slang term used on the Internet that means fun or exciting.

These days people are highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook

They never miss a chance to share their pics, selfies on these social profiles. But, we know without adding suitable captions you can’t engage followers

Instagram captions definitely help your pics to become more appealing 

That’s why here in this post we share some of the best lit Instagram captions for boys and girls, that describes your photos in the best way.

so, what are you waiting for, just check out it 


Lit Instagram Captions for Girls

  • Be confident with the skin you are in 
  • Girls just wanna have funds 
  • A bikini kinda life 
  • You can’t sleep your dreams, you gotta chase em 
  • I can be your bad habit 
  • Glow with me, or watch me Glow 
  • Put me on your wishlist 
  • she shines so bright, she lights up the whole world 
  • Now she’s ready for the world 
  • Don’t turn me on, I don’t have off switch 
  • She just a little too worth it
  • My crown might slip, but never falls 
  • I put you in a win-win situation and you still lost 
  • All we have is who we are 
  • He call me wet, Aquafina 
  • No further explanation 
  • Give it up, it’s me, I win, you lose 
  • I am the truth, so hold your lies
  • Always be kinder than you feel 
  • No time for the temporary 
  • You can be the king, but watch the queen conquer 
  • The queen is here 
  • Drink water and mind your business 
  • No one is you and that is your power 
  • Love me like I am brand new 
  • why chase you when I am the catch 
  • Don’t check for me unless you got a check for me 
  • I am the type of girl then gone talk about forever 
  • Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes 

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Short and Sweet Lit captions for Instagram 

  • There was no competition, I was always the queen
  • I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode
  • If you ran like your mouth, You’d be in good shape
  • I am back, I am better
  • Be your own motivation 
  • Can’t stand me, take a seat 
  • All we have is who we are 
  • Expect nothing appreciate everything 
  • Finer than  a ticket on a  dashboard
  • I’m the best listener when he whispers
  • This is n’t a race, but I still take first place 

Lit Instagram Captions for Boys

  • walk like  a boss, talk like a boss
  • Be a voice, not an echo
  • Too glam to give a damn
  • You will be somebody’s best thing
  • I was not made to fall in line
  • only the real can relate things better
  • I will be lit just like a candle
  • If you knew better, you’d do better
  • I don’t work for the money, I make the money work for me
  • I can be your dream come true
  • The only way you win, if you quit
  • I can feel you watching me
  • Looking like a doll, but you can’t play with me
  • Living my life like it is golden
  • My energy speaks for itself 
  • They don’t like you but they will be checking your page religiously
  • Just grateful, ready for the next and the next
  • Limited edition

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