Top 101+ New Car Instagram Captions – (Funny Car Quotes and Status)

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Hey, we know very well, how much people are happy and excited when they bought a new car …..

And why not? Finally, their hard work paid off 

Buying your dream car surely adds enjoyment and fulfillment in your life.

That’s why today in this post, we are decided to share some of the best New car Instagram captions and status

And of course, we know, these perfect captions put the final touch on what you are going to share on IG

Some of the captions are encouraging and others define your love for the brand-new four-wheeler

Let’s get deep into the post 


New Car Instagram captions that are full of Motivation

  • Keep calm and drive on
  • I don’t pray for love, I just pray for cars 
  • Start your engine and speed on over
  • Eat, sleep, drift, repeat
  • It’s good when you follow your dreams, It’s better when you drive your dream
  • Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results
  • A Man’s most expensive hobby
  • A new car might not change your life, but it changes your attitude
  • The law of attraction is a real thing, I can’t tell how long I’ve been imagining myself driving this beautiful car and finally dreams come true
  • It’s not about the car you drive, It’s about the way you drive it
  • A man loves his girlfriend for a month, wife for a year and his car forever
  • shift to success mode
  • Unleashing the beast
  • To attract a girl, I wear a perfume called ” New car interior
  • The New addition to the collection
  • I couldn’t find the sports car of my dream, so I built it myself
  • Happiness is the smell of a new car
  • Absolutely in love with our new wheels
  • Men love women but even more, than that men love cars
  • Not much has changed with the new owner, but it starts looking so good

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Best New Car Captions for Instagram :

  • Nothing worth having comes easy
  • Words can’t describe my love for this car
  • That car was perfect, this cheered me up
  • Impressive and beautiful my new ( —Put your car name )
  • If you know me, you know how excited I’m about my newest addition to the garage
  • The First adult milestone
  • This happened today, so much hard work and it’s paid off
  • My first big kid purchase
  • Time to hit the road
  • As ridiculously expensive as it is, I’m absolutely obsessed with my new whip
  • My baby has arrived
  • Seriously can’t believe she’s mine
  • No one buys this for you, You have to earn it
  • The cars we drive says a lot about us
  • I created this reality, you can too 
  • well, it doesn’t bark like a dog…..but it honks like a new car 
  • Beep beep, ya girl bought a jeep 
  • I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. Ready to start a new adventure with my new car 
  • You see me rollin’ they hatin’
  • Born to lose, built to win 
  • That new car smell ❤️❤️
  • Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble 
  • work hard, stay humble  and make things happen 
  • Don’t dream it, drive it
  • Look what finally arrived at my house today ….. and I will admit, it was worth the wait for the one I wanted
  • I might be in a lac but I ain’t lackin’, this is my new car 
  • The sales boy said ” The car is sexy like its owner “
  • Life is too short to drive boring cars
  • To me, from me, happy new car day !!
  • Some things new are good too, especially the new car smell 
  • My first childhood dream came true….. Finally, I have my own brand new car
  • Life has thrown me a lot of curveballs lately, but I’m gonna turn the bad into the good and say hello to my ( put your car name ) 

Car Quotes For Instagram 

  • Feel it, See it in your mind’s eye ….. Believe it and most of all trust that it can be yours
  • Buckle up, Buttercup
  • Life ‘s all about an upgrade, Let me upgrade my whip
  • Silent moves, loud results
  • A love between a man and his car can only be understood by those who felt it …. just a car lover thing
  • Beautiful” is an understated term to express the gorgeousness of this machine
  • If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car
  • Find a passion that makes you forget to check your phone 
  • Girls that like car are not weird, they are the gift from god 
  • Take care of your car in the garage and the car will take care of you on the road 

Captions For Car Pictures and Selfies 

  • I asked God for freedom and happiness for the rest of my life and he granted my wish by giving this wonderful car 
  • Cars is simply near and dear to my heart 
  • I don’t always just sit and look at my car but when I do, I look at her for hours 
  • Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives 
  • She is not just engine and four wheels, she is a home
  • I think about cars to try and distract myself, it’s a good way to relax, take our mind off everything 
  • Inside the car is truly my own personal space 
  • Happiness is the car we travel in, not our destination 
  • Always focus on the front windshield, not on the review mirror 
  • Cars are an expansion of yourself,  they take your thoughts, your ideas, your emotions and they multiply it
  • The way I drive, the way I handle a car is an expression of my inner feelings 

Funny Car Captions For Instagram 

  • There’s a lot of stress , but once you get in the car, all that goes out the windows 
  • I don’t drink and take any drug because cars are enough for me 
  • I am working for when someone asks me what car I drive and I respond ” which day “
  • If you want to drive Rolls-Royce then stop taking advice from Toyota drivers 
  • I don’t want to be in a relationship, I want to be in a Lamborghini 
  • I want these zeroes (Audi logo) in my car, not in my exam paper 
  • No one cares about the degree when you drive a Lamborghini
  • I was ugly until she saw my car 
  • If you are not driving your dream car, go back to work 
  • Social media and Tv won’t buy you this wonderful car 

 Car Photoshoot Captions

  • No girl will choose six-pack over six cars, so stop going to the gym and go to work
  • It won’t be easy but it will be worth it
  • stop sitting in the passenger seat of your own life, take the wheel
  • A life without dreaming  is a  life without meaning 
  •  I have always been into cars, cars are part of our genetic makeup, it’s unavoidable 
  • I don’t want to be in a relationship, I want to be in a Mercedes 
  • Take time to invest in yourself, it’s easy to get lost when you are worrying about everyone else 
  • Respect a man’s car and the man respect you 
  • Everyone is working to be seen, I’m working to disappear
  • It all starts with a dream 
  • Cars like these  don’t come from the comfort zone 
  • Mr. “I will do it later” never owned a Bugatti
  • Took the beauties out in the sun 
  • She’s not just four wheels and engine, she’s home
  • Price is what you pay, value is what you get 
  • Cars are not a suit of clothes, cars are an expansion, of yourself, they take your thoughts your emotions and they multiply it 
  • Work hard till the door of our car opens in a vertical way 
  • Decide where you want to be and don’t stop until you get there 
  • I don’t work for money I work for this beautiful car

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