35 Best Shimla Trip Captions For Instagram

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Shimla is one of the most popular hill station in India also called as the ” Queen of the hills“. It is a beautiful place in the lap of nature. 

Here the presence of honeymooners and travellers lent an additional charm to the atmosphere. 

This place has a lot to offer , It gives you the inner peace and a fresh breathe.

So if you are planning to visit Shimla or already there then don’t forget to capture memorable moments .

Here in this post we share some of the best Shimla captions that you can use while uploading vacation photos on Instagram 

Shimla Captions For Instagram 


  • I love places where it’s a winter in summer 
  • Shimla – The queen of Himachal Pradesh 😍
  • when the light returns to its source , It takes nothing of what it has illuminated 
  • You don’t always need a plan sometimes you just need to breathe , trust , let go and see what’s happen 
  • Welcome , to the land of majestic mountains . When all you can se around is just a huge snow covered mountains and nothing else 
  • Travel + you = Life ❤️
  • Going to the mountains is going home 
  • Jobs fill your pocket , but adventure fill your life 
  • Feeling the nature’s magnificent 
  • Shimla at night is a wonderland 
  • If there is heaven on earth , It’s here ….. It’s here 
  • Heaven is myth but Himachal is real 
  • Just the golden days 
  • My happy place ….. The forest , the mountains….. No better place to recharge than in the embrace of mother nature 
  • It’s these little moments that make life big ❤️
  • Mountain-ing my distance 
  • Dear Himachal Weather , stop being so romantic 
  • Shimla ❤️
  • Life is either a great adventure or nothing 
  • Not all those who wanders are lost 
  • I’m never lost in the mountains, It’s where I find myself 
  • Travel is an investment in yourself 
  • In love with mountains ❤️
  • You are not in the mountains , the mountains are in you 
  • Escape and breath the air of new places 
  • The only true music is what we feel in the hills 
  • Memories made in mountains will stay in our heart forever 
  • kindness is like snow – It beautifies everything it covers 

Creative Shimla Captions In Hindi 


  • कुछ तो शुकून है इन वादियों में | ❤️
  • कोई शहर के आराम से कह दो, मुझे पहाड़ो के सुख से इश्क है| ❤️
  • बहुत ज्यादा सवालो के मुझे जवाब नहीं चाहिए , सुकून चाहिए जिंदगी का हिसाब नहीं चाहिए | 😍
  • माना शहरों में दिल बहलाने के तरीके हज़ार है , पर हमे तो पहाड़ो की वादियों से ही प्यार है |😍
  • खूबसूरत मंजिल होती है , लेकिन खूबसूरती सफर में होती है 
  • जितने दूर में इन वादियों में निकल जाता हू , उतने ही पास में खुद के आ जाता हू | 

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